LOBOS Services
LOBOS Services - serving the petrochemical industry.

The completely new LOBOS web site is filled with incredible features to help you sell your products and services. Focused entirely on the petrochemical industry, LOBOS is finding new ways to bring customers to your door.

When your customer goes to other search engines looking for "pumps," they could find themselves looking at shoes. The LOBOS online directory targets a specific set of industries in the southern U.S. Every user is searching specifically for the goods and services that you provide. Serving the industry in the southern U.S. for over 30 years, LOBOS print directories are sent free of charge to critical plant personnel and industrial buyers in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Gulf Coast region, but you have even more options to reach your customers with listings in the online directory.

Display Advertising Opportunities Are Available In Both the Printed Editions and Online. For more information visit www.lobosservices.com.

Serving the petrochemical, pulp and paper, marine, refining, automotive, electronic, and electrical facilities industries in the southern US for over 25 years, these handbooks are targeted to more than 10,000 industrial buyers in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and throughout the Southeast region. Distributed free to plant personnel, the directories listings can also be accessed online and receive more than 14,000 unique visits per month.

Designed for easy retrieval of the product or service you need, the Lobos Industrial Directory has four easy to use sections: Vendor's Section, Products & Services Section, Manufacturer's Brand Section, and The Distribution List.

Features Free 1 Full Year $0/yr Basic 1 Full Year $275/yr Silver 1 Full Year $315/yr Gold 1 Full Year $495/yr Platinum 1 Full Year $850/yr
Office Listings 1 $25/add'tl office $25/add'tl office $25/add'tl office $25/add'tl office
Product Categories 0 3 15 50 100-Each Addt'l $3
Brand Listings 0 3 15 50 100-Each Addt'l $3
Top of Search Placement 0 0 0 5 10
Premium Member Badge No No No Yes Yes
Logo in Search Results & Listings (Web & Mobile Only) No No Yes Yes Yes
Downloads 0 0 0 5 Unlimited
Videos 0 0 0 3 10
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Connection Requests Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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