Coal Club Indonesia

COAL CLUB INDONESIA is an innovative natural development for coal industry in Indonesia. Development to enable B2B (business to business) and B to G (business to government) connections to be made that will create opportunities for domestic and international business in a rapidly growing international Industry.


- You will meet the distributors of new product and technologies while ?nding opportunities in new and existing markets.
- You will meet and gain valuable insight into your competitors and potential partners and customers.
- You will find the kind of opportunities available only through the kind of direct interaction fostered by the Club’s focused event.


- Provide a convivial networking organization for companies, institutions and professionals of all nationalities involved or interest in doing business in Indonesia’s mining industry.
- Communicate and facilitate mining sector investment and business opportunities Indonesia.
- Enhance business relationships and foster friendships between companies in the mining industry.


- Professionals and expatriate
- Senior management
- Newcomers in the mining industries
- Investors


- Bi Monthly Networking Night
- Expected Attendees : 70 - 120 Persons
- Guest registration upon entry
- Business Luncheon or Dinner
- Membership contribution entry fee applies
- Guest with no invitation will be chargedwith a non-membership entry fee


Sponsors will get 5 - 10 minutes to introduceand present their company or product to the audienceat networking events.


The Clubs will provide focused conference and exhibiting opportunities for members to share products, service and opportunities.


- Funds from sponsorships and networking events fees will go towards a Scholarship to fund local child to attend senior secondary school, polytechnic or college / university ( in the case of Coal Club this will be for children in villages that support coal mining and will rotate amongst the provinces where coal is mined)
- In Jakarta - sponsor a student to technical school( polytechnic )