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Mining & Technology Australia presents: Mining Skills Australia – a unique media platform designed to provide relevant and specific news and information about existing and future outlooks, training and developments in the resources industry skills sector. Mining Skills Australia

Strengthening skills and workforce planning in the mining sector.

Topics Include:

  • Addressing the key challenges in mining skills improvement
  • Embracing new initiatives for a mining jobs workforce revolution
  • The People Puzzle - Addressing the resource industry's skills challenges
  • Supporting health and wellbeing in an aging workforce: Implications for promoting healthy working life in a mining environment
  • An industry-scale body of knowledge for managing risk - Riskgate and Australian coal operations
  • Positive and sustainable transformation by building brain friendly organizations
  • HR imperatives in plant closure: The Hydro Kurri Kurri Experience
  • Converting a serious safety problem into a compliant solution
  • The Role of the individual in the safety equation
  • Energy to Engage - an interactive workshop
  • Meeting skills needs through migration
  • Training for operational excellence
  • Autogenic training and the impact on miner's health
  • Key work health and safety issues for the mining industry
  • Including skilled local communities to ensure employee diversity: A lighthouse for emerging indigenous companies
  • Investigating the industry requirements for quality trainers
  • Putting the H into OH&S: Investing personal health priorities in the mining sector
  • Workforce of the future action gap
  • Implementation of virtual tecnology in the pursuit of optimization