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Coal Age/E&MJ Russia

May 2014
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With the world's second highest reserves and high quality coal deposits, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) are poised to be able to answer the growing need for coal everywhere from Poland to Pacific Rim markets. In anticipation of a global recovery, local coal operations continue to invest money in upgraded machinery to support a Russian coal industry that has proven in recent years to be aggressively competitive in the world coal market.

Albert Abkarian, the president of commodities traders Cyrios, Inc, believes that there will be tremendous growth in the Russian coal market. "Growing world coal consumption and domestic demand on current coal exporters over the next 10 years undeniably leaves room for Russia to position itself as one of the top three exporters of coal in the world."

That level of growth will require massive recapitalization and investments in greenfield projects. Mining Media's Coal Age/E&MJ Russia continues to introduce countries from around the world to this important market through a targetted distribution designed to get new companies noticed.

Bonus Distribution: Ugol Rossii & Mining, Novokuznetsk, Russia; Ugol Mining, Donetsk, Ukraine; IMEX 2014, Las Vegas, NV

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Ugol & Rossii Mining 2014
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Ugol & Mining 2014
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In addition, 1,000 copies will be mailed to the top mine operating officials inside Russia.
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