The Publication
Engineering & Mining Journal (E&MJ) has served the mining industry for almost a century and a half, having starting publication in 1866. It is a controlled circulation, monthly trade journal that is audited annually by BPA and reaches an audience of 20,000 qualified, interested readers in all sectors of the mining industry and all areas of the globe. It is owned by Mining Media International, a private company that is the only North American publishing entity exclusively dedicated to coverage of the global mining, quarrying and cement industries through its portfolio of print, digital and exposition assets.

Its Mission
E&MJ informs a technologically sophisticated audience of mining and mineral processing company executives, mine and plant operational staff, engineers and industry-supplier management about trends, technologies, current news and management strategies that are of value to their companies and careers. Editorial focus is on hardrock mining and processing of base metals, ferrous/nonferrous metals, precious metals and industrial minerals. Each issue also carries a limited amount of international coal-industry news. Authors interested in submitting articles pertaining to coal mining and processing technology are referred to our sister publication, Coal Age; those pertaining to aggregate technology are referred to our publication Rock Products.

Editorial Content
Each issue of E&MJ comprises a number of feature-length (1,500- to 4,000-word) articles written by the magazine staff or qualified contributors, along with sections containing new product introductions, operating strategies and case-history reports of interest to mine and mill owners/operators, and global industry news and market trends. Any material submitted for publication must offer clear educational or instructional value for our readership. Feature article content should be informative and  nonpromotional in viewpoint and tone. E&MJ’s editors permit inclusion of product and brand names where appropriate, but will require removal of overly self-serving content before publication.

Do not submit research papers, student essays or postgraduate theses; all material published in E&MJ must be commercially informative and pertain to products, equipment, services and techniques currently available or soon to enter the marketplace. Similarly, we do not publish company profiles or property reports on junior mining companies seeking investor exposure. Mine project coverage for feature articles is limited to those in the late development stages and beyond.

The general theme and content of each issue is listed in our editorial calendar, available for review at The calendar is subject to change without notice to allow coverage of emerging trends and events. Authors are strongly encouraged to contact an editor by telephone or e-mail before submitting feature material in order to gauge our interest in a topic. Be prepared to provide a brief outline or abstract of the work soon after first contact.

With few exceptions, feature article material submitted for inclusion in a specific month’s issue must be received, edited and approved for publication no later than six weeks prior to the first day of the month of publication; i.e., for inclusion in our December issue, the final deadline would be approximately October 15. Although we will evaluate material of any length for inclusion as a feature article, the preferred word count is in the range of 1,500 to 3,000. We discourage, and rarely publish, material intended to run as serial installments in consecutive issues.

Editorial Process
Once an editor has approved a topic for publication and provided a word count target and date-of-publication estimate, please submit your draft and any supplementary materials by e-mail. If files exceed the size limits often placed on e-mail attachments, we can arrange for you to transfer them via ftp. We will acknowledge receipt of sent files and provide an approximate date for completion of review and editing.

Your article will be edited to ensure that it complies with our editorial policies and style requirements. The editing process could involve rearranging, deleting or changing words, sentences or even paragraphs, and we may request additional information for clarity. You will be provided a prepublication copy of the edited article for review and approval well in advance of the publication date. The editors will make every effort to comply with contributors’ issue and format preferences. However, E&MJ retains the final right to control the content, style and format of all editorial material appearing on its pages and cannot guarantee that an article or photograph will appear in the issue for which it was initially intended.

Feature article contributors will, upon request, be provided additional printed copies of the issue in which the article appears as well as an electronic PDF version of the issue.
Press releases may be submitted, preferably in electronic format, at any time to any of E&MJ’s editors. We will acknowledge receipt if requested, but cannot guarantee if, when or where any such material will appear in the magazine.

Graphics Requirements
Articles accompanied by clear, high-resolution digital photos and/or other visual aids such as charts, graphs and diagrams are preferred. Do not submit photocopies, brochures or hand-drawn materials. Photos intended for cover usage may display logos on equipment if they are visually unobtrusive; however, large or obvious artificially inserted logos will be removed  before publication. Please provide captions for each photo, or sufficient information to allow an editor to write a caption, and include photo-credit attribution if applicable.

We accept high-resolution graphics files in .jpg, .tiff, .eps or .pdf formats saved at 300 dpi or higher. Do not embed photos in text files, or charts and tables in spreadsheets.

E&MJ competes directly with other magazines covering the global mining industry; these include Mining Magazine, International Mining and Mining Engineering. Feature articles submitted to E&MJ must be offered exclusively and must not have appeared previously in any competing magazine. Failure to disclose prior publication or distribution to competing magazines will result in immediate rejection of the article at any stage of the editing and production process. On occasion, E&MJ will publish relevant articles that have appeared in corporate newsletters or in-house publications after receiving written approval from the original publisher.

Mining Media International, E&MJ’s owner, requires exclusive in-market rights to first publication (both printed and electronic) for all accepted original or commissioned feature material. MMI also retains the right to republish E&MJ’s articles in any of its other printed or electronic assets.