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October 2014
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China's importance to the global mining market is readily apparent. China leads the world in the production of gold and coal, and it is the number three silver producer. It produces more than 1 million tons of copper annually. With Chinese mining interests continuing to grow, there will continue to be tremendous investment in technology to help the industry modernize.

Mining Media, with a well-established Chinese language edition of its magazines, can help your organization expand its global reach by bringing your message to China.

Companies who supply mining machinery and services in the Chinese market will continue to see their opportunities broaden. Coal Age/E&MJ China is published in Chinese and distributed to a list of more than 8,500 decision-makers in China's mining industry. It providese a unique opportunity for advertisers looking to break into the Chinese market or looking to extend their relationships through a quality, local publication with extensive experience and knowledge in that market.

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In addition, Mining Media has developed a Chinese circulation of more than 8,500 industry professionals.
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