NSW Mining & Industry reaches key mining companies in the NSW mining industry.Your Choice to Reach the New South Wales Mining & Energy Industry

Quality Editorial and Operational Insight for Mining in New South Wales

NSW Mining & Energy gets your product and brand message into the hands of those with buying power

The NSW Mining & Energy is distributed direct to key corporate head office personnel on the ground across New South Wales including managing directors, CEOs, directors, purchasing officers and operations managers along with targeted head offices related to the NSW mining industry across the country.

Each edition includes industry related features, products and services available, industry round ups, news and events as well as looking at government initiatives and current industry statistics.

Completed with a products and services showcase highlighting the latest product developments, the NSW Mining & Energy is an essential reference tool for those on the ground making decisions and those responsible for building the future of mining in New South Wales.

If you want to brand your organisation, launch a new product or discuss a major project or initiative the NSW Mining & Energy will deliver that message to industry leaders and key decision makers.

Making Your Brand Shine: The 4 Ways Advertising in NSW Mining & Energy Helps Your Business

Raise your profile
How much business do you miss out because people don't know you exist? Companies appearing in NSW Mining & Energy quickly become known across the Industry and turn this recognition into new business.

Promote your products and services
Mining operators are always looking for quality products and better ways of doing business. They turn to the NSW Mining & Energy to guide them in their decisions. Combining editorial with your advertising ensures that your products and services get the publicity and the business they deserve.

Add some prestige to your marketing efforts
Quality advertisements and editorial in NSW Mining & Energy are a great way to present your company to both a wider audience and specific clients that you want to target. We can work with you to design an effective marketing campaign, and provide you with additional copies of the magazine so that all your key clients can see what you're up to.

Buying Power
The already prosperous NSW mining industry is booming with millions of dollars poised to be spent in the coming years. Your investment in advertising will enable you to gain greater access to these projects when they occur.

NSW Mining & Energy has great plans to choose from.

Garth Mullan, Sales Manager, Mining & Technology Australia, NSW, The ASIA Miner, Mining Media

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