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General Production Guidelines

All full size editorial publications are printed using web offset presses with perfect or saddle stitched binding. Final trim size for all full sized editorial publications is 7.875” x 10.75” (200x273mm) with three columns per page. Body pages are printed on a 50# grade three text paper. All covers are printed on a 100# grade three cover stock.

All full sized classified publications are also printed on web offset presses with saddle stitch or prefect binding using a 45# grade five paper.

All directories are printed on sheet fed offset or digital presses. The body pages are 80# gloss text and the cover is 100# gloss cover stock.

Live Matter & Border Safety:

Please keep any copy or type at least .25” (6.35mm) away from the trim edge.

Any frame or border for a full page ad must be at least .25” (6.35mm) thick from the trim edge.

File Submission

We accept PDF press ready files using PDF/X-1a settings. The PDF should contain the ad material and bleed if needed. Slugs, color bars, ad traffic information should not be submitted on the final press ready PDF file.

All fonts must be embedded into the PDF.

The color space should be CMYK, or greyscale. Do not submit ads with RGB, LAB, or embedded color profiles (such as ICC profiles).

Any file containing PMS colors will be automatically converted to CMYK unless prior notification is given before printing.

Files should be named in the following format: advertiser, publication, month and year. For example; Artes_EMJ_Sept17.pdf

Pre Printed Inserts

Inserts that will be bound into a publication should be a full size page with bleed and sent to our publisher untrimmed.

Inserts to be glued into a publication cannot exceed 7.5” x 10.5” (190x266mm). A glued insert should be trimmed to final size and sent to our publisher.

Hyperlinks In PDF Ads

Our digital publishing software has the ability to create hyperlinks from text in your ad. The text should NOT be outlined and be in the following format; or [email protected]

Embedded hyperlinks attached to images with in the ad will be processed as well. Please note any PDF created with Photoshop will not work with our program.

File Storage

A copy of the ad will be kept up to 12 months after publication or web posting.

Who Can I Contact For More Information?

Dan Fitts , Production Manager 904-725-2925 ext 107
[email protected]