Digital Marketing

Website Advertising

Mining Media’s sites, including,, and feature regular news updates, online versions of publications, and features designed to engage readers and encourage repeat visits. With designs optimized for delivery across desktop and mobile platforms, these are sites that reach your target audience wherever they are.

Weekly Newsletter

Mining Media’s eNewsletter is published weekly because oftentimes, important news breaks or regulatory decisions are made that affect our readers and they need to be informed before our next print publication arrives. With more than 20,000 weekly subscribers, who are mostly mining and mineral processing professionals, the MMI eNews provides a cost-effective way to build brand awareness and promote products and services directly to decision-makers.

Custom Email Blasts

An eBlast allows marketers to promote directly to verified email lists for all three publications. They can be customized by geography and commodity.

WoMP E-Journal

Owned and operated by Mining Media Europe AB, the World of Mining Professionals (WoMP) is a permission-based eJournal. It delivers content from E&MJ, along with video and app presentations, directly into the mailboxes of more than 14,000 mining professionals throughout the world.

WME Online Directory of
Equipment, Products and Services

Owned and operated by Mining Media Europe AB, the World Mining Equipment (WME) online directory provides a searchable database for equipment (new and used), products and services.

WME Video Hub

Owned and operated by Mining Media Europe AB, a new edition for WME, the WME Video Hub provides a place for mining suppliers to showcase mining and mineral processing related videos.