Paid Subscription Terms

Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing of new subscriptions.

All orders must be accompanied by full payment and all subscription sales are final.

We are unable to refund money on cancellation.

Replacement Issues Claims:

A claim for a replacement issue can be submitted to the appropriate title email address.

Coal Age:
Equipo Minero:

A paid subscriber may submit a claim for a replacement issue up to 90 days after the publication month. For example; if you did not receive a January issue you need to submit a claim by March 31st. Any claims requesting issues past 90 days will be filled or denied at the discretion of the publisher.

A paid subscriber may claim a MAXIMUM of 4 replacement issues per subscription, per calendar year.

Mining Media International Inc. is not responsible for undeliverable, wrong or incomplete addresses that prevent subscriptions from being delivered. Every reasonable attempt will be made to send the subscription to the correct address.

For more information on any paid subscription please contact:

Stamats Data Management
615 Fifth Street SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
1-800-553-8878 Ext 5028